43% Burnt

3 May
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A collection....

What the fuck
My friend
Did you think I'd forget
You had a chance,
We have the scars,
We had the dream.
They stole the dream.
They took the stars.
It's all we have.

Too busy to hit bottom.
I don't have time to burn out.
I live to toe the line so bring it on.
I'm not interested in conciliation.
I don't have time for sympathy,
And I hate surprises.

What about standing up
What about fighting for your life
What about standing up
What're you going to do when the good guys lose

Lower your defenses.
Lower your casket.
Open the door and open your grave.
Now you're doing the waltz with your murderer.
Mediocrity is the killer.
You find yourself helpless

Increase time and it will fall into place.
A sword and my heart
So much so that it makes its way through
My throat
Giving me thought to speak.
This becomes my pistol.
This becomes my dagger of my time

Simple regret
Yeah, take a bow
You deserved
Yeah, eat shit
You earned it
Life would be so much better
If you did not exist
And god bless you fucking queen
What pawns
We have become
In this bland
Little play:

I smell that whore
Bring me back
Bring me a brick
Take my bottle
And break it
Pour it all out
I pushed you too far
Self absorb that pity
I want to knock you off your horse
I just feel it
Everything's fine
Spit on yourself
You're so beautiful
Crack and chip off
Like the sun won't
Shine down

I'm walking throught the rain
And scrathcing on her window screen
I've come to cut cupid's heart out
I've come to take your breath AWAY
Sundripped devil scratched out my eyes

6:53 and where are you
Run home, run far
Throw your face in a pillow
Scream out what you can't
Fix that makeup cover your tracks
Yeah your an angel
Avoiding what games, games to play
Was it less or more or more or less

I'd like to put a lot more in here, but I think i took up enough space. If you didn't notive, only lyrics from 3 different bands are posted here; mainly due to the fact these are my top 3 favorite bands.

I have a loving girlfriend: elektronymph. Couldn't ask for more.

I am a staunch Republican (yeah, not too many in the "scene" i am a part of). I enjoy politics and American history. I'm always up for a debate so long as you do not spew out propaganda.


In the early 1800's, everybody in America KNEW that blacks weren't really people. And even if they were, if slavery was banned, then the economy of the South would shut down.

In the 1930's, everybody in Germany KNEW that Jews weren't really people. And even if they were, they deserved to die because it was their fault that the Germans lost WWI.

And today, everybody KNOWS that fetuses are not really people. And even if they are, it's an impediment to the American dream of promiscuous sex and second "choices" to let them live.

It took a Civil War for Americans to change their opinion of blacks.

It took a World War for Germans to change their opinion of Jews.

What will it take for Americans to change their opinion of the unborn?